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1) Desire: You have to want it

2) Faith: Believe that you can achieve your goal

3) Auto-suggestion: Use affirmations to reach your goal

4) Specialised knowledge: Gain experiences and continue learning

5) Imagination: Come up with ideas and visualise your success

6) Organised planning: Take action

7) Decision: Defeat procrastination with decisiveness

8) Persistence: Don’t stop until you get what you want

9) Power of the Master Mind: Surround yourself with the best

10) The Mystery of Sex Transmutation: Choose a compatible partner

11) The Subconscious Mind: Master positivity and dismiss negative emotions

12) The Brain: Associate with other smart people and learn from them

13) The Sixth Sense: Trust your gut

Hopefully you’ve been thinking and planning for ages, you have logo, accountant a big fat reason why working for yourself is better than working for others


Day 1: Sell your product or service… note:only money in the bank is money in the bank!

Day 2: Sell yourself to prospective clients for minimum 4 hours… interview accountant, setup bank,

Day 3: Sell yourself to prospective clients

if you learn something, do something with regards to marketing everyday for at least an hour and invest 10% of your profit into marketing you will  have an amazing business 🙂

The smae goes for learning how to sell and communicaten effectively with people…


How to Start a Business

One of the most rewarding propositions in business is to earn more money and be independent.

so why do so many people end up going out of business and broke within 5 years!

It’s simple really, not enough startup funds or cashflow, not enough of the skills that it takes to be successful.

  1. marketing
  2. sales
  3. finance… math skill
  4. organisational
  5. self control/belief
  6. leadership/communication
  7. vision
  8. target oriented
  9. logical & imaginative
  10. Action….. consistency
  11. fit (to deal with stress)
  12. stress management
  13. healthy home life
  14. zero vanity or not allowing yourself to be disrupted by the thoughts and feelings of others without the correct knowledge  ( but cleanliness & dressing for the job are essential)

only 3 ways to grow a business

  • more customers
  • increase purchase frequency
  • increase average spend

& not often talked about in small business, growth by acquisitions


where do we start….

Vision,  from there we take action, gaining knowledge and valuable experience that leads us to better decisions and strategies….

The fundamentals of business and commerce….

You buy in bulk or at a reduced price (wholesale) and resell at a profit (retail)eg you buy a kilo of coke from a drug lord and subdivide into grams and selling in smaller lots for a premium(highly illegal & I wouldn’t recommend it, just wanted your attention).

How much do I charge… I would say “what will the market place stand” think of coffee it retails in a supermarket at the moment for around £2:50-£3:50 per 100 gram jar(2017 date of writing) however a typical coffee shop will charge £2.75 for a latte…    or high class hotel will potentially double or triple that because of service 🙂


Service… I love service because that is value added…. in other words where you can charge more money for the same thing!


Money can be attained by exchanging products or services with your core customer. To obtain vast amounts you need to leverage time, money & energy.



Business Detox

Businesses don’t fail by themselves… it takes 3 things

  • You
  • Staff
  • Customers

You might lacklustre, skill or a vision for the business, which puts the business in an inevitable downward spiral.

Your staff are poison or lacklustre, leadership, training or just sort by selves.

Your customers are going elsewhere because you are not visible or your service or product suck, typically price is not the problem as there are people for Kia & Rolls Royce out there, it’s all about positioning!


88 Day Revolution

88-day revolution


Yo Yo Yo Bois & Gals…
You Know the Time
It’s Time to Rage War on those Self-Limiting – Beliefs, Images, feelings, Self Talk(always two sides, even internally :), Decisions & Actions…

So what really stops us… Beliefs Yes Beliefs that we’re not good enough, these beliefs of self-worth are a reflection of past experiences both, Real & Imagined

Let Me Explain…

Your past memories are constructs of your imagination & your ability to remember certain details… we do not remember everything because we would be completely overloaded and time would get distorted as every day would blend together.

how do we cope

Well, we delete, distort & generalise what we deem to be irrelevant information e.g.. remember the first time you meet someone you were attracted to or the day you saw your dream car…

what else was happening around that time, the weather, other people other cars? chances are you will only remember the person and generalise everything else!

Anyway, so if you can now get a picture of yourself in your mind.

How do you see yourself?

do you see as if through your own eyes or do you see yourself as if it’s a movie or painting?

The thing is you didn’t see this 2nd person or 3rd person perspective unless you were looking in a mirror!

You have constructed the reality as you want to remember it, not what actually took place!

Some call these coping mechanisms, we protect ourselves by changing and distorting events to suit our self-image…eg we have low self-esteem but achieve something great, we pass it off as a fluke or a lucky break and don’t accept it as a victory that should be rewarded by celebration… how many times has this happened, but on the reverse we get something wrong and fail… and completely turn our worlds upside down and back to front with self-ridicule and link it to every time in the past that we messed up as if it is the norm rather than unique… instead of seeing it as feedback that we haven’t the knowledge or experience

Our Brains are very complicated things that operate on simple commands.

Our brains don’t understand negative statements and then erase…it only understands command and action!

This is good Why?

This is good because now you know, you can start to reprogram situations that disempower you!

How… you can choose how to remember!

Don’t over analyze, it’s simple but with practise, you can learn to control your responses to everything that happens and/or remember in greater detail!